Alexander Schneider and Felix Schram founded schneiderschram in 2003. Appearance, functionality and quality are the drive, ethos and goal of the Berlin-based company.

Exceptional furniture and design ideas are taken up, developed in cooperation with renowned architects and designers and realised in the highest quality. Regardless of whether designed for commercial, office or domestic use – it is essential that the space solutions are practical and flexible. This results in unique furniture and space solutions whose lasting value and timeless design are particularly striking.

The vision is to develop tomorrow’s classic designs today.

schneiderschram only uses high-quality materials produced through innovative, technical solutions. For Alexander Schneider and Felix Schram, the manufactured product is always the starting point and benchmark for continuous further developments and improvements.



Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (nominiert 2014)

Interior Innovation Award (2014)

Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (nominiert 2007)

iF Gold Design Award (2006)

The Architectural Review award (Spectrum 2004 / London)

IIDEX® / NeoCon® award (Neocon 2004 / Canada)

Buildings Magazine Editor’s Choice Award (2004 / Canada)

Canadian Interiors award (Top 40 of 2004)